Dear Families;


As the Advent Season is quickly approaching, our St. Teresa School has partnered with St. Teresa Church to participate in the same Advent Social Justice Project to help prepare our hearts for our Lord’s birth. This year we’ve been asked to fulfill 42 wishes. We are asking for the items below as well as any monetary donations to contribute to fulfilling the wishes.


The angel tree takes requests from families in need, with a variety of ages. Then the donations are added to hampers that are later distributed by the church.


When your family donates, the child creates a star to be hung on our Christmas tree in appreciation of your donation.

There is a very quick turn-a-round with this project so to ensure the gifts are under Christmas Trees for Christmas morning. Please do give generously during this blessed season.


All NEW gifts need to be donated, to the school, by Wednesday, December 5th, 2018. Donations via cash online, cheque and cash are welcomed as well as the newly purchased item. The cash will go to purchase items on the list that had not been donated.  Please do not wrap gifts.



Thank you for your generosity!

St. Teresa Staff



Item # Description
1 Umbrella
2 Musical Toy for 3 year old
3 Lego
4 Education Toy or Book for 4 year old
5 Hatchimal
6 Lego
7 Jurassic World Toy
8 Snow Toy
9 Hot Wheels
10 Wooden Blocks
11 Paw Patrol Toy
12 Headphones
13 Infant Crib Mobile


14 $25 Food Basics Gift Card
15 $25 Gift Card Foodland
16 $10 McDonald’s Gift Card
17 $25 Gift Card Food Basics
18 $10 McDonald’s Gift Card
19 $25 Food Basics Gift Card


20 Teen Makeup Brushes
21 Girl Age 6 Little People School Bus
22 Girl Age 8 Friends Lego
23 Girl’s Size 12-14 Pyjamas
24 Girl Age 10 Books
25 Girl Age 10 Friends Lego
26 Girl’s size 10 Pyjamas
27 Girl 6-8 Years Old Doll Accessories
28 Girls size 6 socks & underwear
29 Baby Girl Age 3 Months Activity Mat
30 Girl’s size 8 Pyjamas


31 Boy Age 8 Hot Wheels
32 Boy’s size 14 pyjamas
33 Boy’s size 4 socks & underwear
34 Boy size 7 pants
35 Boy age 10 size 12 jeans
36 Boy Age 12 Train Set
37 Boy’s size 12 Hoodie
38 Boy’s size 10 shirt
39 Boy’s size 8 Pyjamas
40 Boy’s size 8 Hoodie
41 Boy’s size 12 shirt
42 Boy Age 12 right handed hockey stick